Website design that works

Simplify should always be the rule when it comes to web design. But if that sounds a bit too hard, here are some basic rules everyone should memorize to make website designing easier.

Most successful small websites are designed with a simple, uncluttered look. You too can have a successful website like never before!

Focus On The Basics

The essential elements are what you really need here. Forget the bells and whistles; what does this site need to do? Look at your goal, whatever that is, and make sure that the path to it is clear on the site. When you have answered that question you are half way there.

The 80-20 Rule

This is an oldie but a goodie. You should be able to identify which 20% of the total elements on the page are giving people 80% of the value of the page. In other words, identify what’s delivering what visitors need. Then make sure those elements are easy to follow, then clear out the clutter.

Cut Down On Pages

Most people add more pages then they need on a website. Truth is, they are just a distraction from what you are trying to do, which is send all visitors to that end result. Whether it is to buy a product or click on a link, you want them there, not on another page on your site.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of all this is to basically keep the website simple. Address what people want, give it to them in an uncluttered fashion, and then move out of their way.

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